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Our Menu

Our Cakes

We provide elegant, classical cakes, and unique designs that are custom to our clients' event:
Wedding Cakes,
Bridal Shower Cakes,
Grooms Cake,
Doll Cakes,
Birthday Theme Cakes,
Baby Shower Cakes,
Cakes for All Occasions.

Cream cakes

  1. Cheese Cake
  2. Cappuccino Cake
  3. Brownies Cake
  4. Fresh Fruit Cake
  5. Tiramisu Cake
  6. Butterscotch Cake
  7. Strawberry Cake
  8. Choc Truffle Cake
  9. Black Forest Cake
  10. Blue Velvet Cake
  11. Black Velvet Cake

  1. Blueberry Cheese Cake
  2. Red Velvet Cake
  3. Chocolate Strawberry Cake
  4. Ferror Rocher Cake
  5. Chocolate  Fudge Cake
  6. Tiramisu Cake
  7. Better Scotch Cake
  8. Pineapple Cake
  9. Choco Lava Cake
  10. Strawberry Choco Lava Cake
  11. And Many More…

Dry Cakes

  1. Dry Fruit Cake
  2. Walnut  Cake
  3. Vanilla Cake
  4. Apple Walnut
  5. Banana Walnut
  6. Apple Pies
  7. And many more

Ice Cream Cakes

  1. Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
  2. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake